Since 1999, the team at Red Mountain Trading has traveled the world to find the healthiest and most delicious foods and ingredients that nourish the mind, body and soul. We pride ourselves in offering 100% all-natural, non-genetically modified ingredients provided by manufacturers and packers whose core values align with our own.

Our process of auditing, inspection and quality assurance ensures our customers will enjoy the finest ingredients that adhere to the most stringent of standards.

We at RMTC share a love of good music, good company and great food, and we want our customers to feel that they are part of our extended family, so whether your recipes call for roasted peppers, the hottest of chiles, the smoothest tahini or the most nuanced olive oil, we’re at your service and ready to provide you with the right complement to that tasty dish.

Check out our products page and give us a holler. We’ll have your mouth and mind singing in no time!


Team Red Mountain